Enhance Your Impact Through “Design Thinking”

At Council for Watershed Health, we use design thinking most visibly in our Water Augmentation research and demonstration program. In the research phase, from 2000 to about 2008, we followed the design thinking steps empathize, define, and ideate as we sought to understand and reimagine how improved storm water management could be the key to achieving multiple benefits, including flood risk reduction, water supply, water quality, and community improvement. The demonstration at Elmer Avenue and Paseo is our prototype – and what we learned from Elmer Avenue was used to improve the design at the Paseo. Now we monitor – test – and keep ourselves  open to data that will inform future designs – revise.
As the author Theresa Reid says – I can attest this is true – “Design thinking is a messy process that requires stamina, perseverance, creativity, tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty, and openness to the experience of others.”

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