Is Your Garden a Working Landscape?

Gardens on Elmer Avenue in Sun Valley hold rainwater and recharge the aquifer, replacing what they use…and they are pretty, too. I’ll be talking more about Elmer Avenue in the next few weeks, telling the story of the street from research and conception to implementation.

Bioswale in the Rain

One thought on “Is Your Garden a Working Landscape?

  1. Re: “Bioswale in the Rain” Photo
    Hi, Nancy, my name is Mike Uhrhammer and I am creating the San Diego County Water Authority’s new water efficiency guide for homeowners. The guide includes graywater and rainwater harvesting, and encourages homeowners to include berms and basins in their water efficient landscapes. I like your “Bioswale in the Rain” photo and would like to use it, in exchange for a photo credit to you or your blog, whatever you like. Thank you, in advance, for considering my request.



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